#FallWritingFrenzy 2021 Winners!

I am so happy to have been one of the winners for the 3rd annual Fall Writing Frenzy Contest.
You can view the results on Lydia Lukidis’s page.

Thank you, Kaitlyn Sanchez, Lydia Lukidis, and guest judge Ameerah Holliday for the wonderful opportunity. Thank you, Erin Siu for selecting me. I feel so honored.

Hope everyone stays healthy and happy. ❤️

#FallWritingFrenzy 2021

The Fall Writing Frenzy contest is here! It is hosted by Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis with Ameerah Holliday as a guest judge. All the details can be found on this blog post. Check out all the other Fall Writing Frenzy entries here.  

Contestants are prompted to write a story in 200 words or less by choosing one of their pre-selected fall-themed photos. I chose the Moon Festival below.

Mooncake Festival- Credit: Alex Ho / Creative Commons

Here is my 189-word entry:

An Extra Mooncake

By Kim-Hoa Ung

Tonight the moon shines brightly, full and round.

A time of togetherness, family reunion.

Four mooncakes in a shiny red tin.

One for me, one for Mama, one for Baba.

Maybe the extra one for me.

I light my paper lantern, in hopes of luck and happiness.

Baba’s almost home.

I see my neighbors gazing skyward. An elderly couple. I wonder if they will celebrate.

As we wait, Mama tells the story of Chang-E, the lady who lives on the moon, spending her days missing loved ones on Earth.

I squint my eyes to find Chang-E. “There she is!”

Mama smiles and squishes my cheeks.

I hear a familiar sound and rush to the driveway.

“Baba!” We bear hug each other.

Time to pray and enjoy mooncakes. As I hold mine and notice the extra mooncake, an idea strikes me. I whisper in Mama’s ear and she nods. Then I sprint out the door.

“For you!” as I hand the mooncakes to my neighbors. “Happy Moon Festival!”

“Thank you, my dear!”

Mama and Baba come out to join us. We smile and admire the moon, full and round. Together.


Thank you for reading my story.

This Fall Writing Frenzy is my first writing competition. Thank you to Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis for organizing it.

Happy Autumn, everyone! 🍂


“Keromigurumi” for my first art show –
Catching Sakura: A Cardcaptor Sakura Tribute Gallery


I learned to crochet about fifteen years ago when my cousin taught me what she had learned from her crochet/knit class. The first thing I made was a scarf with just single crochet stitches. It wasn’t until one day when I stumbled upon some cute egg amigurumi online that I became fascinated by the art and wanted to learn more. I had trouble because I didn’t understand what it meant to “crochet in the round.” I am a visual learner but the videos online weren’t helping. One day, I sat on the sofa with my mom and she tried to show me what she had learned in her home country. She did it! She was “crocheting in the round.” So, I asked her to show me again and that was how my amigurumi journey started.

A big supporter of my work from the very beginning was my grandma.

Here she is with her beanie that I crocheted for her <3.

Whenever I created anything, she would be in awe and tell me I should sell it. I told her that no one would buy it. She would always encourage me. I remember the last piece I had shown her. It was a little doll, a work in progress. She said that it was cute and laughed. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away in 2015. I listed my first item to sell in January of 2016. My monkey amigurumi was my first original pattern. I created it for the year of the monkey zodiac, my first year without my grandma. I was so happy when the first customer purchased it. Someone actually liked it and trusted my pattern. I wish my grandma were still present so that I could tell her the many sales I have made.

You can find the crochet pattern to make this chibi monkey in my Etsy (

To my customers and followers, I thank you so much for believing in my art. Thank you for all your orders and support. ❤